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July 2020

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Rhodora P. Maganito is an award-winning poet. She was one of the Top Ten Winners/Top Ten Finalists competing for the honor of Poet of the Year at the 2000 International Society of Poets Convention held in Washington, DC. The ISP has awarded her a Publishing Contract and on 2001, her first book of poetry - The Awakening of A Soul - was published. On March, 2002 she was acknowledged as one of the Most Outstanding Students of P.G.M.N.H.S. on its 100th year Foundation Day Celebration. A Plaque of Recognition was awarded to her for bringing honors to the School in the field of Literature. She is an active member of the United Poets Laureate International and on 2009, at the 21st World Congress of Poets in Managua, Nicaragua - she was given recognition as one of the awardees honored for Excellence in Poetry. On 2011, at the 22nd World Congress of Poets in Larissa, Greece - her poem entries to the poetry competition won back to back - first place, Free Form Category and second place, Free Verse Category. On 2014, she also received a citation from the United Poets Laureate International for Excellence in Poetry at the 23rd World Congress of Poets in Osaka, Japan. And on the 10th Year Anniversary of The Assisi Performing Arts, Gregory Scime, the Artistic Director and Founder officially announced Dory as the Poet Laureate of the Summer Assisi Music Festival in Assisi, Italy.

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Bold and loud in color
Not too pretty, non-smelling,
Unobtrusive yet carefree and wild!
My beloved California poppies
Delicate, dainty but vibrant and alive – the merry golds of the Golden State, our golden treasures.

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Mounds of rolling hills,
green, green grass
Bright orange and golden California poppies.

Hundreds of delicate wildflowers blooming and swaying
Gracefully to the gentle rhythm of the early morning breeze.

What a refreshing treat
that greet the traveler’s eyes!

Oh, Hayward hills I hear your silent invitation to slow down,
pause a while and enjoy,
The blessings of beauty
surrounding us amidst
the chaos of the day!

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Waiting, waiting, waiting,
Unfolding, unfolding, unfolding …
Lonely caterpillar buried
in the deep silence of boring, uneventful life of mood-swing laden cocoon.

Transported back and forth to the future with useless worries and anticipations of romanticized
illusions; fear of the unknown.

Impatiently longing and dying
to be freed!

Little one, rejoice!
Trust, believe, simply BE

At the fullness of time,
You’ll be awakened to the wondrous miracle of who you
are meant to be —

A radiant, beautiful butterfly
set free.

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Luscious, red strawberries
of summer
Clustered in a bright, yellow bowl
A feast for the eyes, pleasure
for the lips
Delightful, refreshingly sweet.

Cool drink in a glass filled
with ice,
Mixed with a dash of liquor, topped with a red cherry
Surprisingly intoxicating yet invigorating
Carefree laughter shared
with delight.

Blue chair in a blue room over lunch
Serendipities abound! Unexpected joy
Heightening the senses –
dear gifts of summer,
Blessed awakenings …
Filled with happiness.

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Women and men in white quietly walking down the Hospital floor,
Silently lifting up to God in prayer,
the souls entrusted to their care.

Offering healing
that comes with touch,
Comforting, listening, caring
for the sick and dying,
Words to encourage,
give strength for the struggles
amidst pains and sufferings
of body and soul.

Women and men in white gathering with family and friends to give and receive comfort,

Ministering to one another,
to face the mystery of sickness and death as yet another part of life’s journey.

Women and men in white,
to you I say —
God bless you abundantly for your gentle, healing touch and care.

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Ashes of roses blown
by the wind of time,
Softening reflections
of a love once known

Lingering thoughts
too precious to let go,
Heart’s yearnings encumbered
with a passion diminished
not by time.

Go forth, follow your heart’s desire,
Fly with the wind, let it carry you to the garden where love blooms forever,

To the deep caverns of your mind, where only the touch of the Rose can release the burning
flame of a passion imprisoned –

Now blown, like ashes of roses …
by the wind of time.

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Waiting … to unfold
Searching for the right words
Hesitant to be totally naked
and vulnerable.

Why can’t I just be deeply
in touch with what I want
and need from you?

The agony of not wanting
to get hurt again… but
Daring to take the risk
and willingly choose to be
Intimately known again.

In faith, hope and trust,
Let us continue our journey –
In openness and conscious

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