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September 2020

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Bianca Beatriz Yuzon-Henares has been writing poetry since she was a wee wolf girl (although she didn’t really know it at the time). She published her first book of poetry called “Love on the Doorstep” at the age of 7.

Since then, she has transformed her poems into songs, releasing them under the artist name of “YUZON”. Her work often fuses elements from the physical and spiritual planes, and acknowledges that there is magic, beauty, things to be grateful for, and lessons to be learned whether in life’s seasons of light or darkness.

Bianca is inspired by our cosmic inner and outer worlds, travel, nature, animals, film, relationships, and the cycles of human existence.

Her other passions include painting, fashion design and acting. She is the media director of Grounded PH, an emerging arts and wellness brand that is made up of a consultancy, online journal, podcasts and events. You can listen to the Grounded Radio podcasts on Spotify.

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The tides are red with stifled cries, a sinking feeling, of drowning in shadow

Scrambling for a sense of direction
Have we lost our North Star?

Out there the ice caps are melting,
In here our resolve dissolves

Honor and respect chipped away, dripped away
Bought and sold at a price too high

It’s a struggle to hold space for each other
When we’re constantly watching our backs
When we feel like there isn’t enough
Like we aren’t enough
Trying to survive a nightmare
Where a heartbeat bears no weight
Expendable, another statistic
A casualty in incidents becoming too casual
Stay alert and keep your head down
One misstep could have you tumbling over a man-made edge,
cheek to the concrete
A cardboard box for a blanket

This dystopia is a joke
And the smoke screens do little to filter
The sinister strings being pulled
To feed the systems in place
Ignoring open mouths, starved for affirmation,
for sustenance and relief

This trash-filled, oil-spilled scenery
Is but an outward reflection
Of the grotesque contamination,
Manipulation and fear fashioned
Into weapons of mass destruction

And yet

In this climate of disquiet, of confusion, of ambivalence

Let us sow the seeds that will not rot
That will outgrow this topsoil of turmoil
Because with conviction, our roots run deep
Connected to the Source, who created us Free
Finding sustenance in truth
Strengthened because we know our worth
Despite what we’re shown, because by our birth,
we have the unquestionable right to live
In this world..despite the dictators and aggregators
of Darkness.
I dream of a land when we are free
To write, to speak, Express, and Be
Where all are safe, where nature thrives
Where laws are just, no one deprived
Of shelter, daily bread and books
Where women are not overlooked
And valued as the Queens we are
Where men reject the call of war

No one gone before their time
No news reports awash with crime
But acts of kindness
In a prospering nation
Giving back to this planet’s

To the current Administration,
We’re tired of your intimidation
Disgusted by your process of Elimination
Desensitized, tainted dictation

We’re not the terrorists of your hallucination
We’re your brethren in creation
Please take this as an invitation
To end the needless suffocation
We suffer or heal as one, in isolation

The day will come for illumination
Did you lead to serve
Or for Annihilation

The foundations you set
Are your legacy to your children
And your children’s children
Will you be their shame or their inspiration?

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