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August 2021

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Shrinithyaa Gopalan is from South India living in Chennai City. She is a techno-functional consultant by profession with passion for poetry. She is also interested in travelling, photography, psychology, science, technology and business finance. Her career experience spans from working in software and finance insurance sector for over a decade and then into portfolio management from 2015. In 2015, she was a Finalist Winner in both the UPLI Global Peace Poetry Contest and in the Anthology of Poetry Society India. She also was a staff writer in the Glenview Lantern (IL) newspaper from 2012 to 2016. Her poem, “Love,” was released in a CD sound of poetry, by for the year 2002. Quora Top writer (English) for the Year 2018, Quora Top writer Tamil Language (2020) by the Quora Global Question and Answer website

She has also written a number of e-books found at

Shri loves to interact through podcasts that discuss on a wide range of topics to her anchor podcasts here:

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Are you the rays of the Sun?
Which is an energetic phenomenon
Are you the flow of water?
As you are a globe trotter
Are you the breeze of the wind?
Providing answers to the restless mind
Are you the magic of the creator?
Wonderful and a spectacular mentor
Are you the waves of the sea?
That works nonstop yet free
Are you the silence of the ether?
That makes us chill to get a breather
Are you the coolness of the moon?
To everyone around you are a boon
Are you the pyramid of Egypt?
That stands so tall by principled shift
Are you the absolute in every sense?
May life give me a meet up chance once!

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To a question asking if love poetry is dead, my answer!
Very much alive
Love is the silence of the heart
Love is the pain of longing
Love is the beat of the soul
Love is the greatest encore
Love is the highest inspiration
Love is like missing a generation
Love knows no distance
Love is beyond everything
Love is everything about you
Love is the attraction untold
Love is the sweetness of your voice
Love is the amazing warmth felt
Love is the years lived in seconds
Love cannot be controlled by force
Love knows no falsity and fakes
Love is beyond man made differences
Love is the only ray of light
In darkness or tunnel it’s bright
Love can transcend everything
Love makes you forget decade pains
Love is the magic of God
Love knows no boundaries
Love is the greatest joy on earth
Love is the five level union
At the heart as an unquenched thirst
At the intellect as nonstop attraction
At the body as an enormous synergy
At the mind as the panacea untold
At the soul for you and I being same
No one, nothing, no external
Can ever think of separating us
Whenever wherever we are together
It is bliss alone that’s felt as an answer!

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My beloved lord
The one adorned
With cool Ganges
On head’s ranges
Shiva you are most handsome
While being in stillness so calm
Or when in the lovely dance
Of cosmic beauty and charm
When you dance the way
To show glory we pray
The discipline to senses
Is achieved in your premises
The Highest energy of inner dance
Of the rising forces of Shakti’s trance
Can only be pacified at your name
The lovely merges of Divine game
Auspicious are the few who feel
The grace of your love that can heal
Every problem both external and internal
To remove blocks toward the eternal

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With your head held high
Goals and visions sky high
Take every step towards your freedom
Life is what you make - not random
Walk even baby steps towards light
Sometimes the path is dark and shaky
But the mere attempt to walk forward
Will make things clear in the path onward
Education is the greatest armour something divine
Especially as a woman it makes rough challenges fine
More than the help that you imagine to get from a perfect boy friend
Education is the greatest key and will help at all times, my friend!
Every woman - we are unique and a lovely creation
Take a moment to celebrate our natural power of regeneration
Whether art or science or sport, or a business that you work
Be happy and think about how to make it an exemplary work
The Innate compassion and kindness
Lovely expressions with a grand finesse
The ways to express both strength and femininity
Makes this world a beauty in entirety!
To every woman and every man who can treasure and nourish her
- Happy Women’s Day!


That you are in the same picture
In my mind on a cheerful leisure
That very same photo for which I fell, fine
That very same heart that isn’t mine
You are my soulful companion
Of several births in unison
You are the energy of a king
That very few can know the feeling
That very picture that shows you handsome
Is always etched in my heart so wholesome
Whenever wherever we are together
It is heavenly bliss intertwined altogether
You are magnetic my love my sweetheart

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