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April 2022

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Natica Angilly feels that sharing the moving experience of listening to and dancing with poetry is a great way to connect with our humanity. As a choreographer, dancer, poet and author working in the San Francisco Bay Area, Natica sees poetry as a most fulfilling source of something to dance about. Over forty years ago, she met her poet husband, Richard, and together they created “The Poet and The Dancer” series of performance concerts and the unique Poetic Dance Theater Company. (dedicated only to poetry as motivation for dance). Awards include recognition by the State of California in 2018 for significant contribution to the arts and culture through the founding of the Poetic Dance Theater Company and the Annual Dancing Poetry Festivals. Natica’s recent “Art of Awe” books of poetry and related arts and artists and her “The Romance of Poetry and Dance” are available on Amazon. Natica serves as President of Artists Embassy International, National League of American Pen Women (VP -Alameda/Diablo Branch), Alameda Island Poets (board member), Artistic Director and co-founder of the Dancing Poetry Festivals, and as VP Western USA of United Poets Laureate International. She appreciates United Poets Laureate International for the dedication to poetry and this opportunity to share her attraction to the arts of poetry and the artistry of poetry together with dance as a unified art form.    email:

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In tones of vast diversity we come together.
The message is moved and moves the message.
Peace, hope and love are sent.
Radiance is motivated.
A harmonious destination
… light rain refreshes …

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Inspiration flows from the where of everywhere.
Moving words emerge.
And words and motion converge.
The spirit of the dancing poem
rises from the page.
The passions heat the stage.
The breath is held in poetic suspense
-- welcome and surprise!
My poet has arrived.

Published in the 2021 Ina Coolbrith anthology

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Spirit dreams
The dance of the poem.
Consciousness flows.
Moving atoms take the space.
Poetry dances.
Mysteries unfold

Published in the National League of American Pen Women Magazine

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The arts are the fire that liberates the soul.
The arts speak truth without fear.
The arts fill the soul with beauty.
The arts stimulate scientific discovery.
The arts are the backbone of humanity.
Poets are Ambassadors at Large.
Spreading positive energy, love and understanding,
One poem at a time.

A symphony of mystery is on the rise.
           Our passion for expression aspires.
           The evidence of the lighted incense
           moves only in heaven’s direction.
           Poets of now and then enflame the spirit
           and write of the rise of the guiding incense.
           We ignite our burning intention,  
           our smoldering dance of poetic essence.

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Our now, then, and forever are tuned
to channels of far-reaching vision.

Our planet of poetry attracts the strength of the poet
and the wonder of thought, word, and action.

Our cause of connection reaches reason
and rises to the subject as well as the subjective.

Our global community shares the artistry,
voicing the poignant, the personal, and the joyful.

Our every muse approves the work of the poets,
who provide our planet with poetic inspiration.

***Special Thanks:
(Exquisite and significant poetry is brought to the attention of the Dancing Poetry Festival, members of Artists Embassy International and the new electronic audience/public of 2021 – We are grateful and excited to experience the poetry that shows us the attention to the subjects of the day, the excellent and expressive poetic artistry, the obvious care for the world and the people of the world, the innovation and surprising variety of care and concern, and especially the love and hope for humanity.
We express our great appreciation for the work of the poets in celebrating the 28th year of the Dancing Poetry Festival, and the 70th year of the mission of Artists Embassy International).

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