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January 2022

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Jose Roman Reyes Laquian was born at Galang’s Maternity Clinic in Santa Cruz, Manila, Philippines, on October 25, 1952, a son of Apolonia Tolentino Reyes, and Exequiel dela Cruz Laquian, both native of Barrio San Matias, Santa Rita, Pampanga, Philippines. Jose Roman is the third of four children who survived into adulthood; the others are Jesus Reginald, Maria Evangeline, and Robert. The fifth child, Roger, died in infancy. Jose Roman is of Capampangan Filipino Ancestry. His elementary education began in 1960 at the Espiritu Santo Parochial School (ESPS), Manila, Philippines. In 1966, he went to the University of Santo Tomas - Education High School (UST-EHS) and, in 1970, he enrolled at the University of Santo Tomas - College of Architecture, where he received his Bachelor of Science (BS) in Architecture degree in 1975. Jose Roman is a Registered Philippine Architect and practiced Architecture in the Philippines, Malaysia and Singapore, and in the Sultanate of Oman and State of Qatar, in the Middle East. Jose Roman married Buenafe Alcaraz in 1979. They were blest with five children, and seven grandchildren. As of this present time, Jose Roman is engaged in his passion for both painting and poetry writing.

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I've lived my life in yesterday
of childhood innocence;
I knew not of life's disarray,
just its blissful presence.

The world was young and colorful,
found in nature's garden;
The rainbow's sight was wonderful
brightly shone way back then.

I had lived without tomorrow
yesterday in my youth;
A life without care and sorrow
of yesterday's half truth.

I took for granted precious love
in yesterday I knew;
But the Lord smiled from up above
and gifted me with you!

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(A Graduation Greeting For My Daughter JOANN)

As you exit the Door / of the School Of Knowledge, /
Remember you've been blest / with so much privilege. /
Use your education / to pursue all your dreams, /
Live life to the fullest, / no matter what the schemes! /

What has been in the past / and what is before you /
Are nothing compared to / what's within breaking through! /
Act upon all your dreams, / all of your dreams pursue, /
The future, then, is yours . . . / when all your dreams come true! /

WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE have / unto you both unfurled, /
Now, you have The POWER / To Make a BETTER WORLD. /
Have COURAGE With WISDOM! / LIFE Is Not Burdensome! /
Dream And Discover LIFE . . . / THE BEST IS YET TO COME! /


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Can I forget you seemingly
when this wind that's lightly touching
upon my cheeks now feverishly
plays the lyre with joyful singing?

Can I forget you seemingly
when this heart that is quite laden
with your spirit exquisitely
remain in love that's without end?

Can I forget you seemingly
when the same spirit of this race
that is within you speaks to me
each day and night in truth and grace?

Can I forget you seemingly
when on this earth each planted seed
sprouts with such tender beauty,
in their successive blooms proceed? . . .

My being cannot forget you
in the vastness of the lowland,
in mountains, lands where forests grew,
in streams, backwaters, inlets run,

The deep expanse of the ocean,
the cold wind of the setting sun,
the sky and my dear motherland,
filled with your spirit and wisdom.

From the high heavens you sprung forth,
From FATHER GOD my Creator,
He gave you as Wealth of Great Worth
Heritage of our Ancestors.

My being cannot forget you
so deeply planted in my heart
your spirit that is cared so true
in my life and repute's a part.

I give You my Deep Affection
My dear Capampangan Language,
I'll Care For You With Devotion
Presently And From Age To Age!

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In the deep darkness of one summer night,
Amongst the trees they dart pinpoints of light,
Like to the ancient stars they shine so bright!
Glowing and shining yellow stars in flight,
Those tiny yellow glows of pure delight
On trees and flowers are a joyful sight!

In that one romantic night of summer,
Up in the trees they hover and shimmer,
Tiny tinderboxes of gold ember!
Sprightly dancing brightly they gather
In branches and leaves with tiny flicker,
Little lanterns that merrily glimmer!

Such little yellow glows in bright display
Amongst the flowers , trees where branches sway,
Beckoning each child to come out and play
And be delighted in their bright array,
And in a glow of love, each child will say,
"Fireflies fly in my heart . . . and here shall stay!"

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We need no words to express,
to describe and interpret it;

The heart is there to gently feel,
to cherish and to keep.

We wonder not why up above
the stars shine bright at night,

we ask not why appears the dawn
to greet the morning sun.

The wind is there to touch the earth,
to kiss another morning's birth;

the waters and the sky embrace
within that solitary place:

that place is time, that time is one
which comes from GOD above;

that place and time is mine and thine . . .


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I watch amazed as Time stands still
Upon the coming of Sweet Spring,
When every beaming vale and hill
Announce their wondrous blossoming:
The daffodils , oh what a thrill!
To see them dance in rhythmic swing,
Dipped in their golden sunlight fill,
Their vibrant color trumpeting!

Spring imparts the joyous trill
Of birds' and bees' chorused singing,
As every blooming daffodil
Brightens up the new day’s morning;
A look upon them all you will
Behold the beauty of Sweet Spring,
And in the heart it thus fulfill
The pure bliss brought by their dancing!

I am a tiny butterfly
Nestled amongst nature's bowers,
Gazing in awe, before I die,
On this sea of golden flowers,
Beneath the shining of the sky,
The sun , with his grandiose showers,
When Time in all stillness lie,
And, with light, fills nature's dowers.

O Sunshined Joys, I ask not why
You sprang out of nature's chamber,
Yours is a brother in the sky
Who kiss you with his warm shower;
Fair daffodils etched in mine eye
In the Garden of Forever,
For always will your presence lie
In my heart, in love's surrender . . .

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