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July 2022

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Poetry is something that should stir the hearts and convey innovative and appealing thoughts in the reader’. Hailing from India, Dr. Ashok Chakravarthy Tholana is one such poet-writer-reviewer, who, for the past three decades has been relentlessly contributing and drawing the attention of literary lovers with his message-oriented poems on various global topics such as Universal Peace, World Brotherhood, Environment Consciousness, Protection of Nature, Safeguarding Children’s and Human Rights etc. In this quest, the poet has the privilege of receiving several prestigious national and international awards that include six doctorates, lots of laurels, commendations, titles etc. In tune to this, he received applause from Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, former-President, India, Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee, former-Prime Minister, India, Bill Clinton, USA, Queen Elizabeth of Britain, Princess of Wales, President and Prime Minister of France, Prime Minister of Switzerland, Senator Viktor Busa, The Lord President, Italy, United Nationals Organization, UNESCO, UNICEF etc.

Some notable awards / titles conferred upon Dr. Ashok include the Highest Honorary Title, “GANDHIAN WORLD HARMONY CREATOR” from Global Harmony Association, RUSSIA (;- the NAJI NAAMAN LITERARY PRIZE-2019, LEBANON;- LITERARY EXCELLENCE from Gujarat Sahitya Academy, Govt. of Gujarat, INDIA;- H/E YASSER ARAFAT PEACE AWARD-2019 from PEN International, PALESTINE;- WORLD POETIC STAR-2019 AWARD’ from KAZHAKSTAN;- EXCELLENCE IN WORLD LITERATURE from WORLD LITERARY FORUM FOR PEACE AND HUMAN RIGHTS, NEPAL;-SWAMY VIVEKANANDA INTERNATIONAL PEACE AWARD’ 2019 from the International Higher Academy Council Of English Literature (IHACEL-INDIA)


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In the fertile soil
Untouched by any spoil
A seed, once sown
Strongly sprouts very soon.

Likewise; as and when
Mind is plowed often,
With fertile thoughts,
It bestows lasting delights.

What we sow-so we reap
That’s appealing and steep,
Follow it in word and deed,
Life shall flourish, indeed.

Love and concern we shower
Boost our confidence forever,
Faults of others, let’s forgive,
A content-filled life, it gives.

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When few things sway us
Few more things deject us,
Few more things distract us,
Few more things disturb us,
Midst the varying differences,
Life feels a real indifference.

Righteousness is something
That eliminates ill-thinking,
It gives a feel of contentment,
It confers a delight, permanent,
But, it is for humans to choose,
To untie the fickle mind’s noose.

With fewer joys and more grief
That’s what, comprise a life;
Deep thirst to fulfill all desires,
The quest for endless pleasures,
They are fickle, but never eternal,
Realize this and avert the turmoil.

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Hatred and vengeance
If given a chance,
Beyond human imagination,
Cause death and destruction.

Igniting regional feelings
Igniting religious feelings,
The tentacles of fanaticism,
Pounce and propel mayhem.

While hatred slays
Like water, blood flows,
Human love and concern,
Fade away in the ruin.

The bond and relation
Get snatched in a fraction,
Desolation and dejection,
Uproot the survival option.

Peace is the only balm
Makes the mind, feel calm,
It’s a permanent solution,
To get rid of death and ruin.

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With recurring aggressions and conflicts
With recurring religious and regional rifts,
‘In what a world’, yes, we are all living,
What inhumane actions, we are viewing?

Death and destruction occur every day
As a routine they keep stretching each day,
Scared, people find no way to get away,
Midst the stalking despair; what to say?

Searching for a place where harmony exists
Searching for a place where peace exists,
The dwindling space for peace in the world
Questions our future, how will it unfold!

Yes, the self-centric conflicts for supremacy
Break the human bond of love and intimacy,
Playing with the lives of the innocent people,
Can a new world grow on corpses and rubble?

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Yes! As and when….
When poets hold the pen,
Very often they can,
Change the perception,
And the readers vision.
With a fine impression,
Poets instill an opinion,
In the right direction,
With a positive intuition,
Removing every suspicion.

With a focus to please readers
Poets, like the aromatic flowers,
With their exciting word power,
Verses should echo in ears,
And, with a righteous fervor,
Unfold harmonious frontiers,
In every nook and every corner
And dispel suspicions and fears.
Yes, poets when they come together
There exists a positive atmosphere.

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