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May 2022

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Ms. Rhodora P. Maganito, is an award-winning poet. She was one of the Top Ten Winners/Top Ten Finalists competing for the honor of Poet of the Year at the 2000 International Society of Poets Convention held in Washington, DC. She has received other awards and citations for her prolific poetry work. She was elected member of the United Poets Laureate International Board of Directors in the 24th World Congress of Poets held in Sonoma County, California. 

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Bold and loud in color  
Not too pretty, non-smelling, 
Unobtrusive yet carefree and wild! 
My beloved California poppies 
Delicate, dainty but vibrant and alive - the merry golds of the Golden State, 
our golden treasures.

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Luscious, red strawberries 
of summer 
Clustered in a bright, yellow bowl
A feast for the eyes, pleasure 
for the lips
Delightful, refreshingly sweet.

Cool drink in a glass filled 
with ice,
Mixed with a dash of liquor, topped with a red cherry
Surprisingly intoxicating yet invigorating
Carefree laughter shared 
with delight.

Blue chair in a blue room 
over lunch 
Serendipities abound! Unexpected joy
Heightening the 
senses - 

dear gifts of summer;
Blessed awakenings ...
filled with happiness.

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Floating in the space of timelessness, 
I suddenly found myself caught up in a vortex, 
swirling in its powerful force when you grabbed me firmly by the hands. 

I asked who you are and you spoke your name, 
        There was a Stillness …

You gave me a kiss so gentle and tender that I woke up from my dream
with the touch of your lips still lingering, 
        And I was never the same… 

The natural woman in me 
was awakened from its slumber. 

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Waiting, waiting, waiting, 
Unfolding, unfolding, unfolding ...
Lonely caterpillar buried 
in the deep silence of boring, uneventful life of mood-swing laden cocoon.

Transported back and forth to the future with useless worries and anticipations
of romanticized illusions; fear of the unknown. 

Impatiently longing and dying to be freed! 

Little one, rejoice! 
Trust, believe, simply BE 

At the fullness of time, 
You’ll be awakened to the wondrous miracle of who you 
are meant to be — 

A radiant, beautiful butterfly 
set free.

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Woman needs a man to nurture and cherish her with his love 
Man needs a woman to see the reflection of his soul. 
What then is the problem of communicating these needs to one another? 

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Full moon rising 
against the darkness 
of the chilly night
Beckoning to stop 
and to ponder a while 
the silent beauty of the night.

Awakening the longing 
to respond at the depths of
One's heart - the call to become
all that I can be in the warmth 
of the embracing light. 

Where is the Sun at this darkness? 
Hauntingly absent, yet mystically present. 
Oh, dear heart, trust and believe.

Gaze softly at the blessed full moon - 
radiating its heavenly glow not on its own, 
but from the life- giving Sun 
hidden though it is from sight.

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