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July 2023

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Mr. Jose Maria N. Ramos

Mr. Jose Maria N. Ramos is a well-rounded dabbler in the arts who has been writing poems since his High School days. In college, he took a course that led to twin degrees (one of which was Liberal Arts). Ever driven by his urge to write poetry, he took advantage of those days in college to refine his craft. Shortly after graduating, he went into a long hiatus to try his hand at Professional Photography. However, in that new field of endeavor, the art of writing somehow still beckoned, as projects requiring the production of Audio-Visual Presentations, Video Documentaries, Voice-overs, and soundtracks – called on him to switch back to literary mode from time to time. Not long after, he shifted to Corporate Special Events, where he wrote scenarios for outdoor-based Team Building Adventure Games. Mr. Ramos is the holder of two degrees from De La Salle University (Manila): Bachelor of Arts, Major in Communication Arts, and Bachelor of Science in Commerce, Major in Accounting. He is also a retired Certified Public Accountant.

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What lies beyond the sky,
above our earthen pod,
and far beyond where our
human footsteps have been
allowed to trod.

What lies beyond the galaxies,
where only thoughts can fly,
and where our unbridled
fantasies, will never be denied.

What lies beyond the stars,
what wondrous sights await,
those mortal minds
that pierce the veil that
hides the Pearly Gates!

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The serpentine trail beckons,
and lures the daring,
to the certainty of
embarking on
myriad adventures.

So, take refuge in the
resonant stillness of the trail,
and let nature take you on
an exciting, yet calming journey
in which rustic delights greet you
along the way.

Revel in expectation wrapped
in a mantle of certainly!

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Redolent with the musty, but tangy smell
of decay, ruins call to mind, the fragility
of our existence.

Mighty pillars, which once
bore herculean loads,
now stand purposeless, ravaged by the
relentless onslaught of time.

While crumbling walls,
somberly lit by sunlight filtering
through the forest,
shed their dappled paint like
falling Autumn leaves.

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Gentle rain at sundown sprinkles
silv'ry droplets on my thirsty
plants, and dribbles languorously
down to the parched earth.
While underneath,
tiny blades of grass revel in
expectant supplication to the
refreshing liquid repast.

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Work, work, work
and never, ever stop,
until your body says
"That's enough" and
orders you to drop.

The toil, the sweat,
the never-ending fears.
the countless milestones
that you passed, through
so many years.

And soon they start to call on you
like voices from the distant past,
audible vestiges from your youth,
catching up with you at last...

And when the twilight finally creeps in,
and finds you there, at rest
Will you then ask yourself the question
“Have I really done my best?”

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